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I know how frustrating it can be when you discover the art of quilling and cannot wait to start rolling.  You google every paper rolling possibility you can think of and find very few resources to fit your needs.  I know.  I remember.  It may take me some time, but I aim to create a comprehensive page filled with great learning tutorials and instructions.  If I cannot find it, I am going to create it.  Keep checking back in with me because there is so, so much more to come!

April 7, 2013
'Classy Chassis Necklace' quilled paper necklace

February 14, 2013
'Heart Throb' Quilled Paper Earrings

10/2012 - Free Quilling Shapes Tutorial - download (& print if you wish)  - All the shapes listed below are covered in 23 pages and over 70 highly detailed photos.  Free for a limited time so click the link below and download today!
4/2013 - Update: This tutorial is now available for free forever on  Click the link to view.

Quilling Shapes Visual

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  1. I was searching with exactly the same sentiment when I found your blog...and I said "Finally, I found what I needed". I have added your blog to my bookmarks :)