Friday, April 1, 2011

Back from the sunshine state.

Ohthankgodwereback.  Nine days away in the land of Disney has proven too much for this soured soul to bear.  All the cheer, all the happiness... all the over tired and shrieking children.  What I'm sayin' is I am glad to be home.  I am also glad because I have a few more days off before I have to head back to work.  I plan on spending a bit of time quilling in the evenings if I can manage to be at least semi productive during the days.  Today I need to clean my mosh pit of a house.  We left it in terrible shape.  I cannot work creatively if my surroundings are horrid.  We also have no food in the house, so I guess I need to do that too.  Then there is also the matter of attending to the kids since they are still on spring break... I'll get to quilling though - no really, I will.

I have some exciting stuff coming up and I cannot wait to report how it all goes.  I have a couple of casual meetings with some local galleries and couple of local art shows that I am pondering - so we shall see how that all unfolds over the next few weeks.

I will update more later when I have had more than 3 hours of sleep..............

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