Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Super Modern Quilling?

Alright.  Enough is enough and it is time to start updating this blog on a more frequent basis.  A lot is happening in my world of quilling.  Tons of new and exciting business.  I want to share it with you.  I want to find my paper peeps.  I know you must be out there.  I can not be the only contemporary quiller around.  I want us to rise up.  Revolt and unite against the ones who believe this craft is only for those ladies who are fond of mom jeans and have 13 cats.  Let's put down the fringers and show the world that there is more to this art than goofy little thank you cards with cute bugs and flowers on them.  I want to be inspired!  I want to inspire!

Okay, I am stepping down of the box now...  So, here is what's going on with all my goods:
- I am still periodically working on my large quilled mosaics but have added an exciting new venture of paper earrings.  I began making them for myself, but people kind of went bonkers over them and I decided to share the love.  I have many a pair up on my Etsy site and I will also be posting them on here.  I have sold out of many styles, but want to put up a gallery for anyone who'd like to see some different versions than what I have on Etsy.
- I have also secured a deal with my Employer and will begin selling my items at the lovely salon I work for as well.  That will begin in less than two weeks time.
-I have been also making and selling of another kind of quilled jewelry with meaning behind it called Intention jewelry.  I have great plans for it but will go on more about that later.  There are a few items on my Etsy site if you cannot wait for the details.
- I have been asked to compete in a contest and perhaps be featured in an upcoming book.
- I am in the process of creating a few pdf patterns of some of my more popular jewelry pieces.  They should be for sale soon.
-I would also like to begin selling quilling supplies on my site
-Thinking about writing a book and perhaps bringing this beautiful craft back from the dead?

More to come!  Happy New Year!

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