Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quilling Shapes

I remember a time years back when I first stumbled across my first sighting of the art that is quilling.  I was so enthralled and I could barely stand the wait to get my finger rolling on some paper strips.  I instantly began to google and was so disheartened when I was unable to find much of anything.  Not that there isn't great materials out there - there are.  I did eventually learn the craft, but much of it was through trial and error.  I have had the pleasure and fortune of showing my work to thousands of people and the most common thing I hear is how they have never seen anything like my work.  A few remember the rolling days of yore from the 70's but not one person have I met that felt my work was old hat.  The craft itself may have been around for years, but updates have been slow to show I am afraid.  Quilling is amazing for so many reasons but the most important one in my opinion is that you can make some really cool shit.  It is time to show people how to have some fun with this amazing art!  But first, let's just start with the basics....

I made this little diddy up this afternoon and it will soon be followed with a video tutorial and downloadable pdf tutorial.  Whatever way you learn best - you will be able to find a resource to guide you.  I have many plans for things to come, but if there is something in particular that you are wanting to learn, let me know!  Mahalo :)

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