Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Bride.

I belong to quite a few different art and quilling groups, both online and off, but my favorite one at the moment is Craftster.  There are so many incredibly talented and inspiring people on there that post pictures of their ideas and projects.  They also hold different challenges and swaps which I adore.  I love swapping.  I do personal swaps at festivals and such all of the time and some of the most amazing art I own was acquired in this manor.  My new obsession in the world of swaps however is one that I  was introduced to recently: Art Trading Cards (ATC).  I posted previously about a card that I created (the robot) and I am back to share my latest with you today.  The thing I love about doing ATC swaps is that the person you are swapping with dictates the subject matter based on their personal preferences.  These likes and dislikes are usually quite different from my own which pushes my brain.  I am creating a work with another person in mind while keeping to my artistic methods and creativity.  The same is done when I do most commission work, but the ATC cards have the added element of being extremely tiny. A finished piece must measure in at 2.5 x 3.5 inches in total.  Which when you are used to working with much more space, is a great challenge.  I love it.  Troy has imposed a limit as to how many swaps I am allowed to participate in at any given time (they take a lot of time and I do create such work as a living normally) but I am embracing it.  The swaps seem to give me the feeling I used to have when I was more craft, less art.  I don't know why, but it is nice to step back once in awhile.  I also get beautiful little cards of art in the mail themed on MY preferences, which is simply amazing.

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